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Published on February 1st, 2018 | by What 2


Luxury Date Ideas For Valentines Day 2018

So valentines day is quickly approaching us and we couldnt help ourselves but get excited of all the lovely things to do. This article Features a few of our fav places and things to do, to celebrate love. We are a lovers of luxurious evenings together and feel that you’ll enjoy the selection below.


When in comes to finding somewhere special to eat, we strongly suggest you book it in from now, to avoid disappointment.


Why 2: Restaurant ours is the perfect spot for entertainment and a lovely meal… Although cocktail and food prices are a killer.

Click HERE for our full review.

Where 2: Chelsea


Why 2: If you’re looking for something a little out of London but still on the scale of Mayfair, then Sheesh is ideal. The lamb chops, atmosphere and overall experience, you will have a fab date night.

Click HERE for Our full review

Where 2: ESSEX


Why To: The prawns alone, is enough to sell Mr Chow… we’ve spent countless numbers of our date nights here and can never get enough. Dining at Mr Chow can be very pricey but the food is ever so worth it.

Click HERE for Our full review




Why 2: We never get tired of a bit of Novikov, perfect for all occassions… this is our spot! This year Novikov  are charging minimum £100 per head, so if youre not counting the pennies… then book it in. Click HERE for Our full review

Where To: Mafair


Dalloway Terrace  

Why 2: Dalloway terrace is filled with elegance, class and sophistication. We fell in love with the beautiful interior and romantic feel of this place. Perfect for brunch or dinner, we defo feel you’re date will love it here. They have recently announced that their valentines day menu is £60, which we feel is a bargain for valentines day…  Click HERE for full review.

Where 2: 16-22 Great Russell Street, London

We have many more restaurants in our luxury eats section…


Finding something special to do with you’re lover can be abit of a headache, especially as you may be after something you’ve never done before. Heres a few ideas:

  • Luxury Cinema Trip – The are many luxury cinemas around London, that offer more than just a movie. Our fav is Odeon the lounge, this spot is great for good food in a classy atmosphere.
  • Spa Date – This one is a bit cliche but nothing beats a good massage… we have plenty of spa’s in our spa section.
  • A Trip to the Theatres– There are so many great shows on at the minute, and if youre fast enough to grab a ticket to a hit show… it will be a night to remember.
  • Hotel Getaway – If you haven’t got the time or funds for a holiday, sometimes a quick night a way is just whats needed.
  • Cook a meal – Valentines day can get a little hectic, so for those just wanting simplicity, sometimes a cooked meal never hurt no body. Perfect way to save money and show off those cooking skills.

We haven’t made up our minds what we will be doing for valentines day 2018 yet but hope this will give you a bit of a clue.Facebooktwitterpinterestmail

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