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We have officially welcomed our baby girl and was instantly blown away with all the must try products on the Market. As a new parent things can get a little over whelming with whats needed and whats not. In our case we kept hearing about how great the Sleepyhead is.

The sleepyhead is a portable sleeping bed for a baby. At first i thought, why is everybody raving about this little pod that children sleep in… until i tried it myself. Once little miss came home, we put her in the sleepyhead and must say it seemed to be her best sleep ever. Many say it reminds babies of the womb, as they are snuggled in between the raised sides of the sleepyhead. I simply like the fact that theres not much wriggle room or space for them to roll over. It gave me a lot of reassurance and i could just let my baby sleep.

What i personally love about the sleepyhead is the versatility of it, you can easily change the covers and throw it in the wash once dirty. Coming in Two sizes, we have only tried the smallest version of the sleepyhead and its working its magic.

The sleepyhead also works well inside the next to me cribs but do be careful as there are mixed reviews on the safety of doing this. If not using to sleep the bed is great for games, changing, lounging, resting and some great tummy time.

Overall i would defo suggest all new parents, to check this item out. Our little one uses it every night and its only right that we spread the word because we know how important sleep is for us parents.

The sleepyhead starts from around £130 and is worth every penny.

More info on the sleepy head can be found on



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