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Published on January 5th, 2017 | by What 2


Dubai – Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah Hotel – Review

Dubai is clearly becoming a place that we not only love but most certainly recommend. This trip to Dubai would be the teams 3rd visit with the most recent visit in October before our Christmas trip, So it’s obvious we’re addicted.

You are spoilt for choice, when it comes to finding a hotel to stay in Dubai… There are Hotels everywhere. We wanted a hotel that would also be celebrating christmas, fancy yet reasonable… Thats when we thought… Waldorf Astoria.

The Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah has only been on the palm for just over 2 years and already has over 80% occupancy. We are all over new establishments and couldn’t wait to book in.

Situated at the end of the of the palm, we were blown away with our treatment on arrival. Greeted and taken care of by the most amazing staff and placed in one of our new fav hotel rooms…we we’re in love.  The rooms are very spacious and well lit, with the bedroom looking into the bathroom.

waldorf astoria

With many restaurants, a spa, gym, beach, adults pool and child friendly pool, Waldorf has it all. We didn’t need to leave the complex because we we’re surrounded by everything we needed…

Palm Avenue hands down was our top spot to eat, simply because not only was the breakfast lush but their lunch was good too… But most importantly it was situated outside. We found the food to be very affordable but their room service was a little limited. This wasn’t a big deal because we jumped straight to the phone and called outside services who delivered to the hotel.


We have visited many hotels and couldn’t help but noticed how Waldorf Astoria palm Jumeirah’s  gym had it all. So we could continue eating and get our morning workouts in. If money isn’t a issue we suggest you check out their spa which has a range of treatments and offers a couple treatments.

Overall our experience was one to remember…

We were a little nervous about checking into a hotel over christmas but Waldorf made our stay very pleasant and enjoyable.

waldorf astoria what2

What we did outside of the hotel: 

Now you know we had to get out and about and check out Duabi’s best what2’s.

Top 3 Things to do:

Ski Dubia– For those that ski, then this is for you… but don’t worry if your cant because they offer other fun filled activities like, zoobing, snow slops and more.

Safari– If you’re looking for a day trip filled with sun, sand, food and camels… then this is the spot.

Atlantis Water Park– This was our 2nd visit to the water park and each time it get better.

Top 3 Places To Eat: 

Dubai is filled with thousands of restaurants, so it was only right we got to feasting.

Novikov – One of our London top spots quickly turnt into our dubai top spot.

Yuan– If your looking for another hot spot then check this one out too.

Pad Thai – Anywhere that allows us to get in a boat to the restaurant… we love.

novikov dubai


Stay tuned for more of our what2experience reviews.




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