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Published on August 24th, 2020 | by What 2


Drive In Cinema- REVIEW

The perfect adventure for all ages… 
We truly thought the days of drive-in cinemas, large screens towering against the night sky and reclining in your car, whilst watching movies was a thing of the past (or the 50s).  The guys at ‘Drive in London’ (the cool folks behind this Summer’s popular ‘Outdoor cinema’ have re-written history and resurrected the long gone tradition of just watching movies in the great outdoors…

Driving up, you find yourself eagerly looking out for a big screen. Is it there? No that’s just an empty car park. Is it there, no that’s just –wait! There it is! There it is!

Well-placed signs guide you into the Drive in cinema, reserved car park (or for this purpose: parking lot).  You’re  greeted by a chirpy team member who will then give you further instructions…

Now, have you ever thought about how you actually hear the film being shown on the screen whilst you sit in your car? Have a moment to think about it. Some suggestions in the What2 vehicle were “wireless headphones” “very loud speakers” “man with signboards” (just kidding). Each suggestion pretty legit. How wrong we were. Ultimately the coolest part about the whole drive-in experience was being told to tune in to a specific radio signal. Hey presto. Toy Storywas blaring out of our sound system, and it was actually syncing up with the screen! (Yes, we’re easily amused). Excellent syncopation between the screen and stereo added to the quality of the experience. No fuzzy feedback, plus you can have it as loud as you want. Surround sound baby!

Once finished gushing over hearing the movie on your car’s radio system, you’re guided by very visible car park attendants to a perfect spot from where you’ll watch your movie. The way they sort the cars is great – taller vehicles at the side or back, smaller at the front, in rows, with empty rows between so your view isn’.

As foodies, we couldn’t wait to try the food as they are serving Nanny Bills (burgers and more). The Drive in cinema has moved with technology and the times and created a app for us to order. If you need help All you “gotta” do is blink them hazard lights. Genius we know! It’s these little things that really add to the great and authentic atmosphere. We fell in love.

The folks at the Drive-in cinema have really outdone themselves we think – it’s pretty simple if you think about it, but the nostalgic experience of experiencing… well, something you haven’t experienced before but have always wanted to, is awesome.

How often do you get to catch a classic movie in the comfort of your own car? You get to recline and dine. Bring your own food or have the wheeler dealers assist you, all whilst taking in a nostalgic experience of the outdoor cinema – a long gone past time hardly available anywhere else.

This is the kind of stuff we endeavour to source for our #What2 readers. A bit off the wall, stands out, where you go away talking about it, and want to do it again. The Drive-in Is defo a #What2.

What do we think? Go do it. It’s awesome.


Team What2

Tickets to experience the #DriveIn still available and are priced at £35 per car. Bargain at less than £7 per person for five people in a car. You can still catch a variety of films before summers over. 

Tickets available here:

For more info tweet 


Drive In Cinema- REVIEW What 2



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