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Published on February 22nd, 2018 | by What 2


How to Design the Ultimate Nautical Themed Children’s Bedroom

The coastal themed bedroom is undoubtedly a timeless look, washing our homes in a freshness that few other designs offer. This easy how to guide will provide you with the nautical accents you need to create a personal, distinct feel for your child’s bedroom that is ultimately a fun and nurturing space.

Colour Is Quay

When considering any interior design, the colour scheme provides the foundation for the room and determines what kind of furnishings, storage, and accessories are best suited to (in this case) your child’s bedroom. Perhaps the greatest thing about a nautical theme is the crisp freshness, and interchangeability of its base colours. Traditional pastel blues mixed with mineral grey, or a clean white combine to make a light and natural space. But this is just the base colour, for your child we recommend mixing these fresh (and more mature colours) with bursts of coral red or aqua green in stripes or on a feature wall to lift the space making it fun whilst keeping it nautical.


The natural-nautical cohesion can be followed into the accessorising process, when thinking of seaside themed accessories, one typically thinks of anchor wall art, wooden boat style shelves and maybe a crab/lobster ornament. Whilst such touches are indeed an excellent way to begin forming a nautical feel, why not add a more personal touch? Sea shells or (washed) shingle collected by your child when on holiday are an excellent way of sticking with the natural roots essential to the seaside theme whilst also providing a place for a memento and preserving a memory.

Personalisation is certainly an important process to keep in mind, simple things like your child’s name in nautical themed wooden letters easily evoke a sense of ownership – people of every age should have a personal space to call their own and accessorising is a brilliant way to achieve personality within the nautical theme.

Centrepiece (The Bed, The Ship)

As a focal point in the room your child’s bed is quite literally where their dreams become action. Bunk beds have a huge variety in appearance; ships, forts, palaces – the possibilities are endless. But when selecting a bed to fit a nautical theme, we recommend choosing a cabin bed with a natural grain on display. A pale wood or white wood frame blends easily into a nautical colour scheme and fits perfectly alongside any of the more organic seaside accessories. Click Here: For a great selection of children’s cabin beds in a selection of colours and styles. This type of bed is as useful and practical as it is aesthetically pleasing, being raised they also offer an excellent storage solution for toys and games, a pirate tent is an excellent way to hide mess whilst staying faithful to the theme.

What then, should we bare in mind when crafting our child’s bedroom to a nautical theme? The fresh and natural colours of the coast to lend the room a healthy, bright feel – personal accessories collected at the seaside and an imaginative but organic looking cabin bed.


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