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Published on December 18th, 2017 | by What 2



What To: Barber shop Chronicles is back at the National after a sold out run and we had the chance to check it all out.

Why To: As you all know we’re in love with the theatres and Barber shop chronicles just excites me. The fact that something fresh and vibrant has hit the stage, we are so here for it.

The play is set over 6 cities London to Johannesburg, Harare, Kampala, Lagos and Accra. These are places where the banter can be barbed and the truth is always telling.

When i first heard about a all black male cast in a play called Barber shop, i thought “interesting”. Without thinking of the cliche and stereo-typical topics, i was hoping that playwright, Inua Ellams was going to take us down a different journey… which he certainly did. The play spoke about stories that needed to be heard, fatherless journeys, racism and issues that black men had faced. Barbershop Chronicles is filled with moves, music and non stop culture, which was a breath of fresh air. It’s always nice to see something different on the stage, especially in London. With a cast of 12 men, i must say that i found every single cast member intriguing and wanting to listen too. Each story showed sides to men that you don’t often see on a normal day. The cast shared their vulnerability, tears, fears and pain with us. In the play, Ellam doesn’t hold back on sensitive topics making the play stand out even more for its bravery.

My only disappointment was that they didn’t explore the life of the barbers in Jamaica or america… but i guess theres always room for a number 2.

Tickets are currently sold out online, but that doesn’t mean you cant grab a cancellation as its Showing until January 2017.

Where To: National Theatre

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2 Responses to Barber Shop Chronicles – IS COMING BACK TO THE NATIONAL THEATRE

  1. Kemi Laniyan says:

    is there any chance the production will return to the theatre later in 2018?

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