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Published on August 18th, 2018 | by What 2



Swaddling has been around for quiet some time… some love it some hate it. I personally think it depends on my mood. I love wrapping my baby up like a burrito, when she’s ultra tired as it gets her hands out the way, as they often wake her up. But i do hate to hear babies struggle to get out  and cry because they are so uncomfortable.

The Ergo Pouch makes swaddling simple as it is like a little sleeping bag for your baby. I must admit that, when my baby was brand new, she loved being swaddled in the Ergo Pouch but as she is a little bigger now she is not really feeling it. I find that she gets a little too worked up, when i put her in it.

I also found that as its summer, i am scared to swaddle my baby as i don’t want her to get too hot. I would defo recommended using the pouch when its cooler and they can get cosy in it.

The pouch starts at around £22


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