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Published on April 20th, 2015 | by What 2


Joes Southern Kitchen & Bar- Review

Joes Southern Kitchen is the spot for all around american greatness… We’ve seen the pictures, heard the rumours and couldn’t wait to check this place out for ourselves.

Joe’s Southern Kitchen and Bar has landed in the heart of Kentish town, sitting comfortably on the corner of the main strip… You won’t miss it. This place is already booming and it hasn’t even been on the seen for 2 months. We couldn’t help but noticed how packed and vibrant the restaurant was… but the staffing team made it look very manageable.

It was ironic that we we’re sat right next to a southern american guy, who was up for comparing Joes dishes, to the deep south… Let’s just say he wasn’t disappointed.

Now we know americans can eat, so we suggest you come prepared to get your munch on. With the option of corn bread, bbq wings, gravy and biscuits, we suggest you order them all. These starters were delicious or should we say filled with “deliciousness” as the waitress described them. The cornbread isn’t so traditional as Joes Southern Kitchen have created their own version by making it gooey and filled with cheese.


If you’re a lover of chicken then you cant say no, to chicken and waffles. This goes down well with their mac n cheese and bbq beans. Both sides work perfectly but nothing beats the traditional chicken and chips. And It’s not everywhere you get fries with chicken salt!


We found the desserts very sweet yet tasty, which is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Joes Southern Kitchen will not only leave you full but it will leave you feeling a little southern.

This spot is perfect for those who love a feast or just want a tasty night out filled with good vibes and even better food.

Hints and Tips: Don’t forget to try their Joe’s slaw…

Joe’s Southern Kitchen will be launching a breakfast very soon, so stay tuned for that review!


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