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Published on April 27th, 2013 | by what2


Emirates Stadium Tour

Have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the Arsenal football clubs home ground and take a tour like no other.

As you exit Arsenal Station you find yourself in all kinds of emotions, waiting for the moment you glimpse one of the largest (and most expensive) home grounds in the world – the clubs beloved Emirates stadium in North London. Once you do spot it, its just a short walk from the station, we found ourselves weirdly wanting to run at it. You just want to get there!

Its best to pre-booked a stadium tour as its combined with access to the Arsenal Museum. It’s not just for the footy lovers, this day satisfies the most avid of historians as well as a football mad Arsenal fan. If you’re into architecture and design, this is also one for you.

Led around via a portable TV device given to you on arrival, we were granted access to the most intimate corners of the stadium. Starting with the director’s box and ending with a tour experiencing the players’ journey from their private entrance into the stadium. Exploring the changing rooms, through to the players tunnel onto the pitch, It really is a day out you have to experience. Our mouths dropped open more times we can even remember, not just because we were actually standing in the actual changing rooms of an actual Arsenal player, but because of the amount of thought, and money that has been put into building an designing such a beautiful building.

The good, the bad and the money.

Great for those that love to do indoor activities, with a brief encounter with the outside as you walk onto the pitch – but it’s well worth the few seconds of cold. A self-audio tour, you decide how long you spend in certain areas. This is great for those who love being in control. A downside is the walking, Walking everywhere. Upstairs and down. However there is disabled access via lifts.

In terms of the green stuff, we like cool & cheap. £17.50 will get you the tour and access to the museum, 100% worth-it. We also splashed an extra £5 on a Souvenir Brochure. For those die-hard Arsenal fans you are able to experience the tour with an ‘Arsenal Legend’ – an ex-player who has extensive history with the club – mainly players from the 80s. Pretty cool as you will gain a more personal insight into the club, and ask any questions you may have for an Arsenal player.

I must say I felt a little teary-eyed leaving the stadium. I grew to love it in all it’s red and green glory. It’s definitely a  “What 2 do” front runner.

HINTS AND TIPS: A must for the guys AND girls.. Just don’t wear heels. 😉

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