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Published on November 20th, 2017 | by What 2



We all have those difficult family members who never seem to want anything when you ask them, and are really difficult to buy for… so for this year, we’ve done the head scratching for you.

For the homely one

  1. We reckon Christmas tree decorations are perfect for mums and grandmas and aunties who no doubt will ask for the same perfume they asked for last year and the year before that, and the year before that… yet they’re always first to put the tree up. Give them some fancy snowmen characters and some tinsel they’re guaranteed to dig out every Christmas instead, that way you know you won’t be wasting your money, and helping them to get into the spirit in the process.
  2. Christmas day is all about never leaving the house and being as comfortable and as relaxed as possible. What better way to staple this unspoken Christmas truth other than gifting a pair of lovely, yet comfortable, cheap slippers? Choose a pair that speaks volumes about the character of the recipient the most. Do they like animals? Then try the raccoon slippers. Do they love a bit of glam? Faux fur could be a good way to go. Maybe they just love Christmas? Then opt for a festive pattern.

For the sporty one

  1. Play it safe and headache free with the lads in your life by grabbing them some trendy golf clothing or accessories. If they are golf mad like everybody seems to be these days, they’ll be grateful for a comfortable new pair of golf shoes, or a thermal base layer jacket to keep them wrapped up as they head down to the green (or at this time of year, perhaps it’s more appropriate to say ‘white’).
  2. What better way to compliment the keen sportsman other than gifting them a giant electric bike? It’ll be by far the largest present under the tree, and no less exciting. The giant e bike utilises hybrid technology that enables cyclists to travel further distances than ever before, taking the sweat out of the many uphill roads and valleys that are just beyond London. They’re a little on the pricey side, but that only says ‘I love you’ even louder.

For the trendy one

  1. Make sure they’re looking the part this Christmas by shopping for some stylish new clothing. Whether ‘the part’ is sleek, sexy, or cool is up to you. Even if you’re a reluctant shopper with a less than par fashion sense, there’s really no room for error here. Grab that smart shirt for your partner, or take a look at the men’s or women’s parka coats for the perfect Winter warmer. New customers get up to ten per cent discount; students get double that. So if you’re in possession of a student ID, even better!
  2. Who knew lighting could be trendy? Well the answer is… probably the trendy one you’re currently scratching your head looking to buy for! If you know someone who looks in want of vintage lighting to glam up their home, then look no further. You’ll find all sorts of accessories for them that they never knew they needed, including a range of cylinder and disk-shaped lamp shades, lighting cables featuring all the colours of the rainbow, and an eccentric collection of lamp holders.

For the little ones

  1. Want to get your children interested in ballet – or just keep them motivated? Then some children’s ballet shoes would make a great stocking filler this Christmas. They’re inexpensive but carefully designed for comfort and efficiency. Plus they’re small, making them easy to hide away until the big day. Choose ballet shoes made either from satin, leather, or canvas, all of which differ by way of design and comfort, depending on the wants of your child. It’s an easy way to guarantee a smile on their face.
    2. Designer fashion is not just for adults! Have the little ones looking and feeling good with Moschino kids clothing. Let them express their style and personality and grow in confidence with a range of apparel that, though distinctly for children, has all the quality and the recognition of the brand that adults know and love worldwide. The range extends from denim to footwear, with many accessories in-between, meaning there is something for everyone.

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